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Puppy Advice – Settling in

What can we do to make our home friendlier for our new puppy?

Bringing your new puppy home away from their mother and siblings can be a stressful time for them but there are few things you can do to help make the change a more pleasant experience.

– Bringing home a piece of clothing or material that has been in with their mother and siblings can comfort them by having a familiar smell.

– Dog Appeasing Pheromone (or DAP) plug-in diffusers and collars have been proven to reduce stress in young puppies and improve their learning speed as a result. DAP is a natural chemical emitted by mothers when they have a litter of puppies to keep them calm and maternally bonds them. Give us a call or ask one of our vets about how to use the ‘Adaptil’ (DAP) range.

– Giving your puppy their own space or crate in your house can give them a place to hide if they are scared and can see it as a place of comfort. Spraying the crate with Adaptil (DAP) spray or putting the piece of material that smells like their mother in will help your puppy make this association.

Check out our Offers page to see the latest deals available on Adaptil products.

Should we use their crate or bed as a place of punishment?

Never! This will undo all your hard work to make their crate or bed become a place of comfort to them. If you need to exclude your puppy for any reason, try to use another room.

How can we make our puppy confident and happy in new situations?

There is a special window between 8-16 weeks of age where your puppy will be learning at an amazing rate. This is the best time to get your puppy used to new and potentially stressful situations. Such stressful situations might include:

– Meeting new people and children.

– Meeting new dogs or cats.

– Being near cars, loud machinery or hoovers.

– Hearing loud bangs or fireworks.

– Going to the dog groomers.

These are just a few, but exposing your new puppy to these situations in a controlled manner during this window of time is the best way to prevent phobias later in life.  Only take your puppy to public places once they are fully vaccinated and you have been advised it is safe to do so by our vets.

When letting your puppy experience these situations, any interaction should never be forced, if your puppy shows signs of fear then allow them to retreat to a place they find safe. You can always try again at a later time and they will gradually get used to the situation.

There a number of ‘noise phobia’ CD/DVD or MP3 albums available which you can play while you supervise your puppy. They usually have a number of different loud noises (e.g. machinery or fireworks) to play and so allows you to gradually increase the loudness. So gradual that your puppy will eventually not respond to the loudest of bangs! Again, if your puppy shows signs of fear when playing the noise then you should stop and try again at a later time – next time increasing the loudness more gradually.

Should we go to puppy classes?

Yes, we recommend puppy classes as a good way to expose your puppy to other dogs and are generally good fun! We regularly run Puppy Parties at Edgemoor Vets in Helmsley.

If you have any more questions or if you’d like to book your puppy in for a complimentary initial check up, call 01439 771166 to talk to one of our friendly team.


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