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Puppy Advice – Choosing your Puppy

What should we consider before buying a puppy?

Careful thought should be made before taking on a new puppy because – as the old saying goes – ‘A puppy is for life, not just for Christmas’ (or birthdays, or Easter etc.). You will be responsible for your puppy’s welfare for its whole life, which can be up to 10-14 years! During this time you will need to make sure they have adequate daily exercise, have a suitable diet, be protected from pain, injury and disease and give them social stimulation every day. The decision to take on a puppy can have significant impacts on your time and finances, but the rewards for investing in this new member of your family can be infinite!

If you feel ready to take on this responsibilty you may also want to carefully consider the breed of puppy you buy. Dogs breeds can have many different character traits and come in many different sizes.  So it’s best to match up what you want from your puppy and the amount of space you have to accommodate. You may also want to consider the common health problems that can come with particular breeds. You can find more information on the different breeds available by checking out the breed guide available from Petplan.

If you would like to have a chat about owning a puppy with one of our pet health professionals, please give us a call on 01439 771166

Where should we look to buy our puppy from?

The options for buying a puppy are numerous but you should take time to consider how reputable a seller is.  Doing your research to check a breeder has provided an adequate start in life for their puppies is essential. You should always go to see the place where the puppies have been born and raised. This allows you to meet the puppy’s parents (which should give you an idea of the puppy’s adult size and temperament) and check the conditions in which they have been kept. Unfortunately, there are some breeders that operate from ‘puppy farms’ who breed irresponsibly and keep puppies (and their parents) in squalid conditions and selling very unhealthy puppies! It is therefore not a good idea to buy a puppy online and have them delivered to you. A good breeder will be willing to answer any questions you have and provide evidence of any worming, vaccinations or health tests they or their parents have had. They should also have a good socialisation program to get their puppies used to normal life with their new human family.

How can we ensure we are buying a happy, healthy puppy?

As mentioned above, you should always go to see a puppy and their parents in the environment they have been born and raised in before taking them on. Checking the health of the puppy’s parents is always a good starting point. If you are looking to buy a pedigree breed, the breeder may provide evidence of any advised pre-mating health tests, this could include blood tests, eye tests or x-rays of their hips/elbows.

When looking at the puppies, check out their skin and fur – there should be no dandruff or skin lesions. Their eyes and ears should not have any discharge and be generally clean. They should be bright and active but if you visit soon after feeding or play-time they may be quite sleepy.

Once you have made your decision and collect your new family member, we always recommend bringing them to one of our practices for a check over with a vet. Because it is so important, we offer this inital check over free-of-charge.

If you have any more questions or to book your new puppy in for a complimentary initial check over, call us on 01439 771166


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