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Adult Dog Advice – Socialisation

How long can I leave my dog alone for?

Like humans, dogs are very sociable creatures that will usually seek to be around other people or dogs. Being left alone for long periods of time can be very stressful for dogs. The latest recommendation is that dogs should not be routinely left alone for longer than 4 hours.

The time any puppy or adult dog is left alone for should be gradually increased up to 4 hours as part of a socialisation regime.

If a dog is left alone for too long, a dangerous mix of anxiety and boredom can lead to excessive barking and/or destructive behaviour.

This will have to be considered if you work away from home for longer than 4 hours. It can help if you are able to break up the day by visiting them during your lunchtime or having a neighbour/pet sitter come and visit. If you have to leave a dog from 9am-5pm – or longer than 4 hours – every day, then it may be kinder to have a different type of pet.

There will of course be times when you may have to leave them for longer than you would normally. Its best to have lots of distractions for them when you do, such as puzzle balls or feeders.

Are there any recommended kennels or pet sitters in the area?

We don’t recommend a particular kennel or ‘pet sitter’ but when you look for a suitable kennel you should check the kennel only takes in fully vaccinated dogs. This will help reduce the chance of your dog picking up an infectious disease. Before booking your dog in for a long stay, it might be worthwhile having them stay for a night or 2 so they can get used to the new surroundings.

What can I do if my dog has a phobia?

Dogs can unfortunately develop irrational phobias, often with no direct know cause. It is important you do not force you dog to confront their phobia, this may only cause more fear and could lead to an aggressive response. There are a range of training methods and aids available to help alleviate any phobia. Please call the practice to discuss the best option for your dog.

If you have any more questions or if you’d like to book a consultation, call 01439 771166 to talk to one of our friendly team.


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