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Adult Dog Advice – General Health

Should you register your dog with a vet?

Even if your dog isn’t ill or doesn’t need a vaccination, you should register them with us so that we have their details to hand in an emergency. Call us on 01439 771166 to register your dog.

Should you get your dog insured?

Yes. If your dog has a severe accident or illness, fees could go in to the thousands or pounds so unless you have this money saved away its always best to get adequate insurance cover. It would be terrible to have to put your loved-one to sleep because you cannot afford to give them the treatment they need.

How often should adult dogs be vaccinated?

Adult dogs require a booster vaccination every 12 months to help boost their immune system against potentially fatal diseases.

The injection we give contains a very small amount of the disease virus or bacteria which has either been killed or microscopically modified so it cannot harm your dog. This stimulates your dog’s immune system to build an army of dedicated immune cells that are ready to fight off the real disease should it ever try to infect your loved-one.

You can save money on your dog’s annual boosters by joining our Health Plan.

How often should adult dogs have flea, tick and worming treatment?

You should protect your loved one against these parasites all year round, they can cause your dog great irritation and illness plus some worms can be transmitted to humans!

The type of flea, tick and worming product you use will dictate how often the treatments should be given – call us on 01439 771166 to discuss which treatments are best for your dog.

Using treatments bought from pet shops have been proven to be less effective than those provided by vets and pharmacies.

You can save money on your dog’s annual parasite treatments by joining our Healthcare Plan.

What abnormal signs will indicate an adult dog is ill?

Some of the common symptoms your pet will show include: not eating, drinking more or less than normal, being less active or sleeping more, losing or gaining weight, swelling to part of their body, whimpering or howling, limping and bleeding.

Please call us on 01439 771166 if you are at any point concerned about your dog’s health.


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