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Adult Cat Advice – Socialisation

Do cats need other cats for company?

Studies have shown that cats prefer living in single-cat households and can become very stressed if made to share their home with another cat.  This can lead to common stress-related symptoms such as cystitis, indoor urine spraying urine and over-grooming.

How can we reduce stress for cats in multi-cat households?

Provide one more litter tray than the number of cats in the household and place them far away from each other so the cats do not have to come in to contact with each other. Also, have copious amounts of other resources such as food and water bowls spread about the house for the same reason.

When introducing new cats to the household we advise using Feliway and/or Felifriends plug-in diffusers. These release synthetic pheromones that help reduce stress and reduce aggressive behaviour between cats.

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